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Google Sniper Review – My Success on Warrior Forum

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Thanks for checking out my Google Sniper website. In this website, you’ll get to read my full review on Google Sniper. As an actual user of Google Sniper, I’ve learned and applied George’s secret techniques and strategies to my niche marketing websites since. Therefore, you’ll be able to get some information about Google Sniper from me. I’ll be talking about pros and cons of the product and answer the question everyone’s been asking me, “Does Google Sniper work?”  I suggest you read on.

As a member of the Warrior forum, I’ve seen many new products being launched and the product owners always run small tests before letting the public know about it. If you haven’t heard of Warrior forum, make sure you check it out as that’s where many top internet marketers visit daily.

I checked out George Brown’s Google Sniper product because of the buzz it created in the forum. It was so popular among forum members as it was the first of its kind to actually teach a whole new way to market differently. Google Sniper actually sold more than 500 copies in just 2 weeks. I’m very lucky to be saying that I’m one of those who bought it and got a head start!

It came with a 100 page manual, complete with the strategies and tactics you need to learn. Many of the buyers were very satisfied and created so many success stories than other product launches.

So, what is Google Sniper and what it does for you?

Google Sniper is a simple system created by George Brown which made him over $115,000 in his first year online on complete autopilot. The Sniper system is easy to follow and is now making many warrior forum members a full time income.

Google Sniper teaches people how to make quick, authority blogs using a specific keyword for any given niche or product. The main item he covers are:

  • Finding profitable, non competitive keywords to snipe
  • Money making niches
  • Building a website in under 2 hours
  • Get the website ranked and gain authority in Google in record time
  • Secrets to get over 20% conversion rates
  • Scaling the sniper website to a $10,000/month business
  • This is just a small portion of it and there’s lots more that I can’t talk about. The course has 8 videos with George and he takes you step by step along with many other supplemental pdfs.

    Basically, George exposed his entire secret techniques and strategy in Google Sniper. What I find was his marketing model is very different compared to ‘conventional’ marketing models. This created a storm in the forum and led him to produce more content (i.e. videos) for the product.

    What Google Sniper does differently than other internet marketing products was the advantage of not using pay per click campaigns. I always hated pay per click campaigns and thus I had to do a Google Sniper Review. The whole idea of link building is irrelevant and websites built using Google Sniper system does not involve writing much content. The use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is not required.

    George shows us how to create a sniper website in under 2 hours and will rank in search engines (especially Google) which will become a money making website complete on autopilot. The strategy is not to target highly competitive keywords but still make money from it, hence, Google Sniper. By creating a few Sniper sites, he makes around $500 to $1500 a month without any work. Best thing of all, the sniper sites are targeted on one Sniper keyword.

    Although It may sound too easy but his Sniper system is so effective. I’ve churned out a few to test in the beginning and I’m glad to say they are making me profitable income now.

    I can’t agree more with George as he mentions that this sniper method is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. This system is foolproof and can be implemented by any newbie internet marketer. If you follow exactly what George teaches in Google Sniper, you will be able to make up to $10,000 per month on autopilot income.

    I’m pleased to see that George is finally bringing back Google Sniper with an official Google Sniper launch on 15 October 2009. Many new and existing internet marketers will benefit from his course. I’ll definitely be updating my Google Sniper Review from an actual user’s perspective. I’ve almost perfected my own Google Sniper strategies and I’d like you to have as my Google Sniper Bonus. Read about it in my free Google Sniper Secrets Exposed ebook.

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