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I’m Jamie Lim and I’m a techie blogger since 2005. I only started internet marketing early this year and I’ve used George Brown’s Google Sniper since March. Ever since then I’ve been making serious money online with these Sniper sites. (I’ve got around 80 sniper sites and they convert really well). (Update 2014: I’m at 200+ sites now and old sites still convert well for me)

As a newbie in the internet marketing world, I bought Google Sniper book at Warrior Forum and studied it real hard. After learning and applying powerful internet marketing strategies by George Brown, I made my first money online within the first week. In 2011, I looked back at the Google sniper system book and it still is relevant to me. In fact this site is made solely based on Google Sniper System and it still ranks on First Page! This system is Proven!


Of course, that wasn’t the end, I used many underground methods to build my successful affiliate marketing income. One of the biggest underground factor was harnessing the essential information in George Brown’s book to find my profitable niche and products.

As for many newbie internet marketer, I failed in the beginning but I did not fail for long, mostly thanks to George’s Google Sniper book. I saved on PPC campaigns and other paid traffic methods. Getting all natural traffic was the only profitable traffic I need.

Google Sniper

I’ve been using the system for many months now (over a year and still make money from the sites) and I’m really loving it. The secret to Google Sniper is targeting small less competitive keywords and still make money. Therefore, I honestly tell you I’m no big millionaire but I’ve tried and tested this system and it just works. Sometimes, it may seem to easy but I’ve been making a good amount using the underground tactics from Google Sniper system. Being able to enjoy extra income every month allowed me to pay my bills and still have something left to splurge on!


I feel there’s a need to give back to people who are willing to listen, learn and apply. Therefore, I created Get Google Sniper which is dedicated to help those who gets their hand on Google Sniper system and want to make money online with proper sniper research. Going on to Google Sniper 2.0, the tactics have not changed by much as you can see my site still ranks well in Google. I totally recommend looking at version 2.0 because the updates will help you even more.

You will be able to find my Google Sniper review, helpful tips, information and much more Google Sniper secret tricks. You are free to browse through the website and be sure to subscribe to this website via email so that you’ll receive my FREE Google Sniper Secrets Exposed book.

I hope you will find my Free book valuable and Google Sniper Review (i’ve got some bonuses lined up too) useful. I’ve used Google Sniper and I personally believe the power of this product as it has changed my life for good… anxiously waiting to fully work from home. This system includes everything for any internet marketer to gain the financial freedom. For those who want to get in touch with me, don’t hesitate contact me.

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